Even though Divecon Oy was established in 2012, our previous experience goes back many years.




  • Turku, dockyard shore. Water jet cutting and jacketing of pile, water jet cutting of lower beams and dismantling of retaining wall
  • Haugesund, Norway. Cutting of sonar pole of support platform M/S Stril Merkuri.
  • Haugesund, Norway. Pile dock. Quarry, drilling of adhesion, lowering and pouring of pile.
  • Helsinki, Kalasatama. Erosian slab, footing on bridge (2), footing on high voltage pole (2), flashing on expansion joints on support wall
  • Espoo, bridge of Kivenlahti, dismantling of molds
  • Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships
  • Helsinki, Katajanokka EK7 erosion slabs
  • Helsinki, Kellosaari, replacement of condensation pipes of power plants, lead-throughs for new pipes, installation of temporary pipes



  • Oskarshamn, Swedish. Concrete and installation work of condensation tunnel, nuclear power plant Simpevarp.
  • Mättä, Metsä Tissue, underwater service of freshwater pump
  • Underwater service of Harjavalta power plant.
  • Käsnäs, dismantling of work bridge.
  • Loviisa, channel service dives
  • Kemi, isohaara power plant, construction of fish ladder
  • Finnish port cities, washing of cruise ships and cargo ships.
  • Utsjoki, widening of bridge/current pillars
  • Helsinki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.
  • Espoo. Bridge of Kivenlahti.
  • Turku, shipyard shore. Jacketing of piles, repair of log dock, water jet cutting of lower beams of dock
  • Haugesund, Norway. Formwork and pouring of pile footing of ship dock, installation of piles etc…
  • Rotterdam, Holland. Offshore safety course.




  • Kemi, Isohaara power plant. Replacement of frames of hatches, replacement of bolts of flood hatches.
  • Helsiniki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.
  • Käsnäs/Lövön bridge, supporting of work bridge, leveling quarry work of bottom of shore footing, formwork-rebar work of footing of bridge pillar, airlift pumping and inspection of digging piles, pouring of digger piles.
  • Raahe, Ruukki’s deep harbor, erosion slab
  • Turku, Port of Turku, survey of harbor basin, installation of bubbler pipe
  • Turku, repair of underwater pumping station of Maaria basin
  • Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships
  • Reposaari, kemira, washing of discharge pipe
  • Myllykoski, Hyytöpuomi, Pato Osakeyhtiö
  • Saaristomeri, channel service dives
  • Turku, welding of protective grounding of Port of Turku
  • Mäntyluoto, erosion slab, repair of retaining wall
  • Vampula/Huittinen, Settipadot, Sallila power plant
  • Sastamala, Tyrvä power plant, inspection dives, replacement and cleaning of screens
  • Sastamala, Äetsä power plant, inspection dives
  • Kokemäki, Kolsi power plant, inspection dives and cleaning
  • Pansio, inspection and cleaning of rails of shipyard
  • Harjavalta, Harjavalta power plant, inspection dives
  • Haugesund, Bergen, Norway. Installation of channel markers, new construction docks, bottom inspection of ship.
  • Tehnip Norway offshore diving project.




  • Pyhämaa, Cabling of Mannervesi
  • Särkisalo, repair of Omya ship dock
  • Pyhämaa, installation of electrode network of Laitakari
  • Rymättylä/naantali, new dock of Maisaari
  • Kristiinankaupunki, construction of barrier dam
  • Naantali, port of Naantali, repair of wall structures of dock
  • Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships
  • /Länsi-Turunmaa, lifting of work ferry from bottom 40 m
  • Turku, diving work of City of Turku
  • Kemi, isohaara power plant, replacement of hatch flashing
  • Varkaus, Stora enso, repair of discharge pipe and replacement of support trestles
  • Korppoo/Länsi-Turunmaa, inspections of footings, Wattkasti bridge
  • Salo, water pipe and pressure sewer, Vuohisaari-Lehtiniemi
  • Naantali, nesteoil, oil harbor. Support of dock.
  • Turku, Inspection of Aurasilta shore walls and current pillars
  • Rovaniemi, Kemijoki Oy. Cleaning of screens of power plants.
  • Langevåg, Norway. Rear gate
  • Kvitsöy, Norway. Pile dock.
  • Technip Norway, Offshore diving project.
  • Norway, Bergen University Gollege CSWIP 3.1 U. Underwater Inspector.




  • Kokemäki, Kolsi power plant. Dismantling of barrier hatch and construction of new one.
  • Loviisa, Valko port. Renovation of oblique dock
  • Turku, bridge ferry port, pouring of pile footings, planking of rear gate, dismantling of beams, cutting of piles.
  • Kotka, Dismantling of pouring supports of new dock of harbor
  • Uusikaupunki, dismantling of pouring supports and trusses of harbor dock and dolphin
  • Kökar, dismantling work of dock structures
  • Lapland, inspection dives of Kemijoki power plants
  • Pori, concrete samples of Chemical dock, Tahkaluoto
  • Naantali. Repair of Suurlauttapaikka.
  • Haugesund, Norway. Pile dock. Quarry, adhesions, lowering of and pouring if piles.
  • Technip Norway, Offshore diving project.
  • RUE Norway, installation of Huldra Spudcans onto West Epsilo oil drilling platform.




  • Kökar, Åland. Connecting vessel dock.
  • Hanko, underwater dismantling of bottom support beams of new dolphin.
  • Helsinki, länsisatama. Beam construction to level and pouring of erosion slab
  • Koverhar, coal harbor, repair of torn retaining wall of dock
  • Cutting of work piles of 1 highway’s current pillars.
  • Ii, power plants, replacement of screens and repair work
  • Maaninka, viannankoski, construction of work dam
  • Upinniemi, missile boat dock, erosion slab
  • Turku, harbor, inspection of two beacons
  • Espoo, pitkäjärvi, weighting and inspection of pipe
  • Helsinki, santahamina-isosaari-kuivasaari-harmaja, inspection and patching of water pipes
  • repair/resealing and pouring of sealing pour of Highway 1
  • Helsinki, Santahamina, weighting of sewer pipe
  • Muurla-Lohja, bridge s203 cutting of work piles
  • Norway, top-up bell diving course and training for hot water suits
  • Norwich, England. Offshore safety course.




  • Porvoo, öljysatama. Inspections of harbors 7/8, inspection and repair of groundings of piers, weighting of water pipe.
  • Somero, heating elements, dam of Hovirannankoski
  • Naantali, Concrete pontoons
  • Kemi, isohaara power plant, dam inspection
  • Saarijärvi, repair work of power plant
  • Loviisa, deepening of channel. Drilling and quarry of rock tips
  • Bergen, Norway. Training for wet bell and hot suit
  • Helsinki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.
  • Helsinki, länsi-satama, dismantling of dolphin (2)
  • Turku, Aurajoki. Study of wall structures.
  • Helsinki, länsi-satama. Erosion slab.
  • France, INNP Institut National De Plongee Professionelle) Surface supplied top-up Air Diver.




  • Maarianhamina, länsi-satama. Dock 6.
  • Naantali, city shore. Buoys on water pipe.
  • Perno, Construction of dock of shipyard.
  • Pori, Lukkari bridge. Lead-throughs of forms of current pillars to piles, pours, dismantling of form.
  • Turku, water supply pumps for Lepola garden. Lifting, replacement and lowering of pumps.
  • Turku, Akerfinnyards. Loading dock.
  • Turku, Pouring of erosion slab for Viking line
  • Naantali, RO-RO ferry location. Erosian slab.




  • Maarianhamina, länsi-satama. Dock 6.
  • Porvoo, oil harbor. Inspection of water pipe, lifting, repair and lowering of water pipe, videotaping of the inspection of main dock, dismantling of beams and planking of main dock.
  • Hirvensalo, Turku. Element dock. Lowering of elements.
  • Savonlinna, drilling, forming and pouring work of dolphin of Olavinlinna’s ship port.
  • Saarijärvi, Installation of screens of power plant and clearance work of underside.




  • Porvoo Kilpilahti
  • Repair of Dock 1
  • Grounding of Docks 2 and 3
  • Inspections of Docks 1,2,3,4 and 8.
  • jacketing, water jet cutting of piles of Dock 4.
  • Survey of freshwater basin
  • Poralauta Esko. (Finnish Maritime Administration,)
  • Oulu, Taskila waterworks. Drying and inspection of sewer pipe.
  • Sundsvall, Sweden. Dismantling of underwater support beams of new dock.




  • Kemi, Isohaara power plant. repair of suction floor
  • Naantali, Nesteoil, covering of dock piles with protective concrete
  • Repair of lower walls Harjavalta power plant
  • Porvoo, Checking the grounding of Kilpilahti dock 2 and 3




  • Repair of upper wall of power plant of Harjavalta
  • Särkisalo. Quarry of channel of embankment bridge
  • Savonlinna, dismantling of ship guides




  • Rymättylä, Repair of bridge support 3 of Kirveenrauma
  • Padasjoki, Underwater quarry of Laivaranta
  • Porvoo. Kilpilati water pipes dock 2 and 8
  • Åland Sweden, sea cable between Telholm and Sandvik
  • Rauma. Erosion slab of Isohakunin RO-RO 7 dock
  • Porvoo, Kilpilahti docks 1, 4 and 8 study.




  • Åland, New dock Långnäs. (19981999)
  • Hanko, Ro-Ro of Nuottasaari
  • Installation of dock elements
  • Deepening of bottom of area in front of dock
  • Pouring of erosion slab.
  • Varkaus, Pouring of erosion slab of Taipale harbor.




  • Borstö, St.Mikael project.
  • Turku, Study of eastern shore dock of Aurajoki.
  • Tallinn, Repair of retaining wall of passenger harbor retaining wall.
  • Tallinn, Study and survey of Muga harbor.




  • Porvoo, Kilpilahti dock 2 and 3 water jet cutting and jacketing.
  • Pansio, Junalauttasatama (1997-1998)


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