Professional diving SERVICES

Established in 2012, Divecon Oy offers professional diving services. Our operations are based on owner-based work in Finland and other Scandinavian countries and the Baltic Region. The company’s divers have many years of diverse experience including very challenging projects. Our offices are located in Turku and Helsinki.

We offer a comprehensive range of services

As experienced professional divers we offer a comprehensive range of underwater services. For example we do inspection dives, carry out underwater construction and renovation work, and quarry and blasting work. We also offer maintenance work and searches.

Modern methods and safety

In our work we pay particular attention to occupational safety when working on the surface and underwater. In our work we follow the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health which emphasizes the safe composition of a dive time and the modernity of equipment. Our task force always includes a surface assistant in addition to two divers.
Our modern equipment is diverse and it can be modified if needed to meet the unique requirements of different job sites. You can say no job is too difficult for us or our equipment


Simple service without compromising professional skill

Divecon’s strengths are our independence and our ability to use our own tools when we work. We have made our pricing and invoicing very easy for our customers; we use online invoicing software and order forms. We also do daily reporting electronically and carefully document each and every dive.

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