Even though Divecon Oy was established in 2012, our previous experience goes back many years.

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Turku, dockyard shore. Water jet cutting and jacketing of pile, water jet cutting of lower beams and dismantling of retaining wall

Haugesund, Norway. Cutting of sonar pole of support platform M/S Stril Merkuri.

Haugesund, Norway. Pile dock. Quarry, drilling of adhesion, lowering and pouring of pile.

Helsinki, Kalasatama. Erosian slab, footing on bridge (2), footing on high voltage pole (2), flashing on expansion joints on support wall

Espoo, bridge of Kivenlahti, dismantling of molds

Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships

Helsinki, Katajanokka EK7 erosion slabs

Helsinki, Kellosaari, replacement of condensation pipes of power plants, lead-throughs for new pipes, installation of temporary pipes


Oskarshamn, Swedish. Concrete and installation work of condensation tunnel, nuclear power plant Simpevarp.

Mättä, Metsä Tissue, underwater service of freshwater pump

Underwater service of Harjavalta power plant.

Käsnäs, dismantling of work bridge.

Loviisa, channel service dives

Kemi, isohaara power plant, construction of fish ladder

Finnish port cities, washing of cruise ships and cargo ships.

Utsjoki, widening of bridge/current pillars

Helsinki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.

Espoo. Bridge of Kivenlahti.

Turku, shipyard shore. Jacketing of piles, repair of log dock, water jet cutting of lower beams of dock

Haugesund, Norway. Formwork and pouring of pile footing of ship dock, installation of piles etc…

Rotterdam, Holland. Offshore safety course.


Kemi, Isohaara power plant. Replacement of frames of hatches, replacement of bolts of flood hatches.

Helsinki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.

Käsnäs/Lövön bridge, supporting of work bridge, leveling quarry work of bottom of shore footing, formwork-rebar work of footing of bridge pillar, airlift pumping and inspection of digging piles, pouring of digger piles.

Raahe, Ruukki’s deep harbor, erosion slab

Turku, Port of Turku, survey of harbor basin, installation of bubbler pipe

Turku, repair of underwater pumping station of Maaria basin

Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships

Reposaari, kemira, washing of discharge pipe

Myllykoski, Hyytöpuomi, Pato Osakeyhtiö

Saaristomeri, channel service dives

Turku, welding of protective grounding of Port of Turku

Mäntyluoto, erosion slab, repair of retaining wall

Vampula/Huittinen, Settipadot, Sallila power plant

Sastamala, Tyrvä power plant, inspection dives, replacement and cleaning of screens

Sastamala, Äetsä power plant, inspection dives

Kokemäki, Kolsi power plant, inspection dives and cleaning

Pansio, inspection and cleaning of rails of shipyard

Harjavalta, Harjavalta power plant, inspection dives

Haugesund, Bergen, Norway. Installation of channel markers new construction docks, bottom inspection of ship.

Tehnip Norway offshore diving project.


Pyhämaa, Cabling of Mannervesi

Särkisalo, repair of Omya ship dock

Pyhämaa, installation of electrode network of Laitakari

Rymättylä/Naantali, new dock of Maisaari

Kristiinankaupunki, construction of barrier dam

Naantali, port of Naantali, repair of wall structures of dock

Finnish port cities, washing of bottoms of cruise ships and cargo ships/

Länsi-Turunmaa, lifting of work ferry from bottom 40 m

Turku, diving work of City of Turku

Kemi, isohaara power plant, replacement of hatch flashing

Varkaus, Stora Enso, repair of discharge pipe and replacement of support trestles

Korppoo/Länsi-Turunmaa, inspections of footings, Wattkasti bridge

Salo, water pipe and pressure sewer, Vuohisaari-Lehtiniemi

Naantali, nesteoil, oil harbor. Support of dock.

Turku, Inspection of Aurasilta shore walls and current pillars

Rovaniemi, Kemijoki Oy. Cleaning of screens of power plants.

Langevåg, Norway. Rear gate

Kvitsöy, Norway. Pile dock.

Technip Norway, Offshore diving project.

Norway, Bergen University Gollege CSWIP 3.1 U. Underwater Inspector.


Kokemäki, Kolsi power plant. Dismantling of barrier hatch and construction of new one.

Loviisa, Valko port. Renovation of oblique dock

Turku, bridge ferry port, pouring of pile footings, planking of rear gate, dismantling of beams, cutting of piles.

Kotka, Dismantling of pouring supports of new dock of harbor

Uusikaupunki, dismantling of pouring supports and trusses of harbor dock and dolphin

Kökar, dismantling work of dock structures

Lapland, inspection dives of Kemijoki power plants

Pori, concrete samples of Chemical dock, Tahkaluoto

Naantali. Repair of Suurlauttapaikka.

Haugesund, Norway. Pile dock. Quarry, adhesions, lowering of and pouring if piles.

Technip Norway, Offshore diving project.

RUE Norway, installation of Huldra Spudcans onto West Epsilo oil drilling platform.


Kökar, Åland. Connecting vessel dock.

Hanko, underwater dismantling of bottom support beams of new dolphin.

Helsinki, länsisatama. Beam construction to level and pouring of erosion slab

Koverhar, coal harbor, repair of torn retaining wall of dock

Cutting of work piles of 1 highway’s current pillars.

Ii, power plants, replacement of screens and repair work

Maaninka, viannankoski, construction of work dam

Upinniemi, missile boat dock, erosion slab

Turku, harbor, inspection of two beacons

Espoo, pitkäjärvi, weighting and inspection of pipe

Helsinki, santahamina-isosaari-kuivasaari-harmaja, inspection and patching of water pipes

repair/resealing and pouring of sealing pour of Highway 1

Helsinki, Santahamina, weighting of sewer pipe

Muurla-Lohja, bridge s203 cutting of work piles

Norway, top-up bell diving course and training for hot water suits

Norwich, England. Offshore safety course.


Porvoo, öljysatama. Inspections of harbors 7/8, inspection and repair of groundings of piers, weighting of water pipe.

Somero, heating elements, dam of Hovirannankoski

Naantali, Concrete pontoons

Kemi, isohaara power plant, dam inspection

Saarijärvi, repair work of power plant

Loviisa, deepening of channel. Drilling and quarry of rock tips

Bergen, Norway. Training for wet bell and hot suit

Helsinki, länsi-satama. Jacketing of piles.

Helsinki, länsi-satama, dismantling of dolphin (2)

Turku, Aurajoki. Study of wall structures.

Helsinki, länsi-satama. Erosion slab.

France, INNP Institut National De Plongee Professionelle) Surface supplied top-up Air Diver.


Maarianhamina, länsi-satama. Dock 6.

Naantali, city shore. Buoys on water pipe.

Perno, Construction of dock of shipyard.

Pori, Lukkari bridge. Lead-throughs of forms of current pillars to piles, pours, dismantling of form.

Turku, water supply pumps for Lepola garden. Lifting, replacement and lowering of pumps.

Turku, Akerfinnyards. Loading dock.

Turku, Pouring of erosion slab for Viking line

Naantali, RO-RO ferry location. Erosian slab.


Maarianhamina, länsi-satama. Dock 6.

Porvoo, oil harbor. Inspection of water pipe, lifting, repair and lowering of water pipe, videotaping of the inspection of main dock, dismantling of beams and planking of main dock.

Hirvensalo, Turku. Element dock. Lowering of elements.

Savonlinna, drilling, forming and pouring work of dolphin of Olavinlinna’s ship port.

Saarijärvi, Installation of screens of power plant and clearance work of underside.


Porvoo Kilpilahti

Repair of Dock 1

Grounding of Docks 2 and 3

Inspections of Docks 1,2,3,4 and 8.

jacketing, water jet cutting of piles of Dock 4.

Survey of freshwater basin

Poralauta Esko. (Finnish Maritime Administration,)

Oulu, Taskila waterworks. Drying and inspection of sewer pipe.

Sundsvall, Sweden. Dismantling of underwater support beams of new dock.


Kemi, Isohaara power plant. repair of suction floor

Naantali, Nesteoil, covering of dock piles with protective concrete

Repair of lower walls Harjavalta power plant

Porvoo, Checking the grounding of Kilpilahti dock 2 and 3


Repair of upper wall of power plant of Harjavalta

Särkisalo. Quarry of channel of embankment bridge

Savonlinna, dismantling of ship guides


Rymättylä, Repair of bridge support 3 of Kirveenrauma

Padasjoki, Underwater quarry of Laivaranta

Porvoo. Kilpilati water pipes dock 2 and 8

Åland Sweden, sea cable between Telholm and Sandvik

Rauma. Erosion slab of Isohakunin RO-RO 7 dock

Porvoo, Kilpilahti docks 1, 4 and 8 study.


Åland, New dock Långnäs. (19981999)

Hanko, Ro-Ro of Nuottasaari

Installation of dock elements

Deepening of bottom of area in front of dock

Pouring of erosion slab.

Varkaus, Pouring of erosion slab of Taipale harbor.


Borstö, St.Mikael project.

Turku, Study of eastern shore dock of Aurajoki.

Tallinn, Repair of retaining wall of passenger harbor retaining wall.

Tallinn, Study and survey of Muga harbor.


Porvoo, Kilpilahti dock 2 and 3 water jet cutting and jacketing.

Pansio, Junalauttasatama (1997-1998)