Diving equipment / units

We have three surface-supplied diving units made for two divers and equipped with high pressure. For diving helmets we use Kirby Morgan SL27. Each unit includes hand tools, welding and flame cutting equipment. 

We can operate for 1-3 workdays without outside electricity. The basic lighting of the units, the diver’s telephone and light are powered from a built-in 12 volt system, and thanks to a high pressure air bank we also even need electricity to produce air. The size of the air bank is 4*50 liters/200bar or 40m3 of air, which is enough for 10-40 diving hours depending on diving depth. 

Our units can be modified for different purposes. Where necessary, systems can be customized based on the customer’s premises/work platforms for flexible work.

Earthmoving and dredging underwater

We have two motorized fire hoses (Rosenbauer Fox and Beaver), which are fire pumps of different power classes. Rosenbauer Fox III fire hose is a designed for use according to new changed needs. The output curve is very flat and both the pressure and flow rates are very high. The pump has unlimited operating time, the fuel consumption and noise level are low. Rosenbauer Fox III EN 14466/EN 1028-2 class: PFPN 10-1500, PFPN 15 -1000 at 3 meter suction height. Output according to EN 1028-2 1600 lpm/10 bar, 1000 lpm/15 bar, 2000 lpm/4 bar. Rosenbauer Beaver is a new compact and lightweight innovative motorized fire hose equipped with a four-stroke engine, which has a big output and is thoroughly equipped in spite of being easy to transport. Output according to EN 1028-2 at 3 meter suction height: 1000 lpm/8 bar, 800 lpm/10 bar or 1400 lpm/4 bar. 

We can move earth with these pumps by blowing or alternatively by suction dredging as needed. Our equipment also includes a vacuum used with upthrust (airlift pump, 240 mm diameter), which is more suitable when the area to be dredged is located in deeper water. If needed, we can deliver a airlift pump that is the right size and suitable for the client’s needs and purpose.

Diamond drilling and sawing

We have 6 electric diamond drills of various sizes and one hydraulic diamond drill. The drills are great even for challenging job sites because of the variety of bases and feed trays. Our current drill bits enable holes between 20-800 mm and depths up to 1 500 mm. We also do drillings on the surface and on surface work according to customer wishes and needs. 

There are two pieces of equipment for diamond sawing – axle, hydraulic and compressed air, as well as one frame saw and one rail saw. The maximum sawing depths of the hand-used frame and axle saws is 300 mm and with the rail saw we can saw deeper than 500 mm. The equipment is suitable to be used on land as well as below water.

Drilling and water jet cutting

We have several pneumatic rock drills and spike. We have dozens of sizes of drills and handspikes, from the smallest hand drill Atlas Copco DKR 37 to the Atlas Big Panther knee feed machine. We have many sizes of SIG hand spikes and over one hundred sizes of spike bits.


We also have several different kinds of hand tools needed in our work, such as submersible pumps, metalworking tools, washers, lift bags, small pneumatic tools etc. 

As a general rule, we are able to do work with our own tools which we are familiar with, and if we need something we will acquire it. 

We have not yet purchased work platforms, hoists, generators and large air compressors.