All underwork work with professional skill

As professional divers we offer a wide range of underwater services. Our divers have several years of diverse experience with challenging diving sites. We service customers all across Finland and Scandinavia as well as the Baltic Region. Our modern equipment can be modified for different jobs.

Inspection diving

We do all kinds of inspection dives with strong professional skill. Inspection services include inspections of various piping systems, cables, harbors, docks, bridges and platforms. We examine the sites for damage and other things needing to be noted, and document our dive and findings carefully. In cases of damage you can also get repair and maintenance work. Read more below.

Underwater construction and renovation

Underwater construction and renovation includes water jet cutting and jacketing, drilling, pours and installation of erosion slabs. We also do all kinds of dock work, cabling and pipe pulling. We also do maintenance work. When you need professionals to handle underwater jobs, contact us!

Underwater quarry and blast work

Our professional divers carry out underwater quarry and blast work safely. Our divers have a blaster’s qualification. Blast work requires a license so always turn to a reliable professional. Underwater quarry work is great for lowering the level of the underwater rock surface of a lake, sea or other body of water. Quarry work is done by blasting the rock with special underwater explosives that are immersed into boreholes made into the rock.

Divecon Oy offers complete professional skill for diving in Turku and Helsinki. Contact us!